README for Zelda 1 Hack Information (z1spec):

From the introduction:

Here are Zelda 1 map internals obtained by disassembling the NES cart rom. Included are the internal formats of the overworld and underworld map screens. There is no monster or item information yet. Palette and pattern info will be added later. Use at your own risk.

If you make an editor or use this spec to change the map, let me know. I haven't tried so there may be some mistakes in the spec.

File List:
html/z1spec.htmlHTML version
z1spec.txtASCII text version
z1spec.zipZip containing all of the above, plus a Makefile and this README

The source is z1spec.sgml. Using sgml-tools (, I translated the source into ASCII (z1spec.txt) and HTML (html/z1spec.html). Sgml-tools can convert into many other formats. The reason I used LinuxDoc and not DocBook is that I learned LinuxDoc first and converted the file to it (from the original ascii) but then decided DocBook was too complicated to learn and convert the file again.

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